Classical Experience

Colin has extensive experience working with Shakespeare, Moliére, Marlowe and other classical playwrights.

About Colin

Colin Hinckley


Colin has a razor-sharp sense of humor, thanks to years of improv training and performance. He has a great enthusiasm for making a fool of himself.

 Colin has been in love with acting ever since his sixth grade class put on a staged adaptation of the book "Holes." Over a decade later, his love for the craft has only grown. He began his education at the New England Youth Theatre and the Vermont Theatre Company. Upon high school graduation, Colin enrolled at Bennington College where he got his BA in Acting and Video Production. Since his college graduation, Colin has appeared in many plays throughout New York City, as well as having appeared in several award winning films. He currently resides in Brooklyn.



on Screen Expertise

 Colin has worked on many film sets, both in front of and behind the camera. He was recently nominated for an award for his on-camera work.​