Selected for the 24 Hour Plays: Nationals as well as The Bennington College Alumni 24 Hour Plays

"Van was [...]. Played by Colin Hinckley [who] was able to create a character that still had the elements the directors were seeking yet managed to have truth within. Hinckley had the stoner aspect of Van to fall back when he was goofy, but his sobering moments were tender." 
-Michael Black, ​Theater in the Now

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Interview with Talk Nerdy with Us:

Carl is a zombie, and everyone is very hesitant around him. Will the other characters continue to make him an outcast in season 2?

Well, in some ways yes. But I think the emotional center of season 2 is Alison and Carl’s relationship, which causes some exploration of the nature of Carl’s situation. Namely, that he’s a zombie. Most of the characters have warmed to him at this point, but there’s always going to be a slight disconnect between everyone and Carl. I think that’s why the friendship between Alison and Carl is so important. Carl hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to explore his humanity and show our viewers that even though he’s a zombie, he has very real human emotions. This season, Carl makes a huge step towards becoming a human to characters other than Alison by showing everyone that he’s not just a medical curiosity. He still has some trouble with Greta, though.

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Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2015 Short Film Awards for his work in "Stationary"